The Fall

[Verse 1]
You picked my voice to dance to
You say my money no good in here
Even though I didn’t ask you
And it’s the most you’ve worked
Even though I probably don’t deserve this girl
But you been dreaming for this moment so you have to
Baby, it’s OK
I got show money baby
I wanna show you how I blow money baby
I wanna show you how I throw money baby
I’m a kid, so it’s hard for me to hold money, baby
Cause I’m a star, don’t get it twisted
Got some choppers on the car
What kind of caps I got the finest of them all
Somebody pop em before we pop em all before we pop em all

Saying this ain’t nothing, but it’s all I need
And the peak ain’t reached but the peek is all I feel
And it feels so good
It feels so good

I ain’t scared of the fall [x4]
I’ve felt the ground before [x4]

[Verse 2]
Mama I understand why you’re mad
And it hurts to accept what I am
And how I live
And what I do
But I’ve been good since Thursday
Yes I’ve been good since Thursday

So you can watch my love vanish
Where it goin? No telling
But to make room, I’ll vanish
Call a friend for my friend
And her friend’s name’s Lexis
I let my nigga’s test it
I’m always worth a cent
Best believe already spent it
My girl full of PC
My cup full of Texas
Flowing on that OVO jet, yeah I said it
I’m born to be reckless
I’m forced to make records
So you ain’t gotta ask “who’s next?”